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A fun and healthy team environment

All the necessary means to live and train in an elite atmosphere will be at the disposal of each and every athlete. Thus allowing them to assimilate the technical concepts of Spanish soccer that are highly valued thoughout the World.

Continued and progressive technical work

The camp will work in both morning and afternoon sessions, mixing recovery, strength training and fun sessions in with the technical training.

A high work volume

All training sessions and activities will be carried out by certified coaches from the best soccer clubs in Spain. Five 3 hour sessions per week will keep players engaged and developing consistency in their play.

Our mission is to help young athletes improve their soccer skills, techniques, and understanding of the game with the instruction and dedication of our world renowned coaches. To create a dynamic, educational and fun environment to develope teamwork skills and sportsmanship. To inspire our athletes and fuel their passion for the game. To create a soccer experience that they will remember forever and have the opportunity to experience and build upon summer after summer with us.

La Liga Soccer Camps
La Liga Soccer Camp coaches and NSR have teamed up together to bring you quality soccer camps and a unique soccer experience. Year after year we will continue to bring our top skills, dedication, and passion to your community's young athletes and soccer fans.
We are a team of professional soccer coaches from the top teams of La Liga in Spain. With many years of experience, dedication and passion for the game we cannot think of a better way to spend our summers than working with young athletes across the United States to give them a unique soccer experience and a valuable opportunity to improve their skills on the field.
National Scouting Report is the most revered high school scouting and college recruiting organization in the world. Since 1980, college coaches have depended on NSR to present quality prospects for recognition, evaluation and recruitment.Our soccer scouts have teamed up with La Liga Soccer Camp coaches to organize quality summer camps for young athletes across the United States, also providing important opportunities for athletes to be seen by both NSR scouts and college coaches.

Our Method


What advantages do athletes have participating in the La Liga Soccer Camp with us?

  • Technical training

    Specific to La Liga Soccer Camp's methodology

  • Skills

    Analytical technical skills

  • Integrated

    Integrated technical skills

  • Games

    Integrated skills in games

  • Tactical

    Tactical error correction in practices and games

  • Footwork

    Improvement of technical footwork and creativity with the ball