Jose Luis Rodriguez

Coach of Sporting de Gijon

José Luis (Chelis) is a coach with a lot of projection. Despite his youth, he has extensive experience in the training of young athletes, since he was very young (18 years old) he obtained the title of coach and after working in several teams in his city, he made the leap to be part of Sporting de Gijón and the National Team of Spain.

He also holds the title of Sports Director, where he collaborates as much as possible with the clubs in his city. Chelis' training methodology consists in educating and training the player in technical aspects (control, pass, dribbling, shooting, etc.). "The player, before receiving the ball, has to think and make the right decision". Being a leader of the group, Chelis is also very close to his players making each player feel great about being a soccer player and achieve great growth in all aspects

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